Keepin’ it clean and green in Greater Seattle

The Puget Sound region is home to many green enthusiasts and green tech companies.  It is no surprise that these two circles would overlap and a clean / green tech cluster of companies now support the movement toward a greener economy.

Globally, the clean tech sector is massive and growing at a tremendous rate. A recent study commissioned by the Country of Germany, found that the global market volume of the clean tech sector today is $2.7 trillion per year, and projected to be more than double by 2025. In the US, renewable energy is the fastest growing sector, growing 49 percent between 2007 and 2011. Source:

Together, solar, wind and biofuels, according to Clean Edge research, are projected to grow over the next decade, nearly doubling from $248.7 billion in 2012 to $426.1 billion in 2022. According to data provided by Cleantech Group, in 2012 U.S. based venture capital investments in clean technologies totaled $5.0 billion, dropping 26 percent for the first time in three years from $6.6 billion in 2011.

The primary areas that compromise a greener economy include:

    • Energy – Renewables, Generation, Management and Storage
    • Transportation – Greener Cars, Alternative Fuels, EV Charging Stations, Storage
    • Water – Monitoring, Conservation, Recycling
    • Green Construction – Building Science, Construction and Energy Efficiency, Renewables, New Non-Toxic Materials and Finishes

Read more for regional key players in these areas. Obviously, there are many more in our marketplace. Have a company to recommend? Let us know in the Comments section. We’ll be referring to this list of resources quite often!

  • Alliance Autogas offers programs to help American fleets transition from gasoline to autogas, the world’s most popular alternative fuel, with competitive financing for vehicle conversion systems and fueling station installs for fleets at no upfront cost.
  • A & R Solar is a full service solar installation company.
  • E3 Energy Partners provides chemical and process engineering, scale-up, detailed design and professional services for advanced bio refinery and next generation renewables worldwide.
  • Ecofab  offers a comprehensive suite of energy efficiency and upgrade services for home and business improvements. As a social enterprise they support job skills training and workforce development in the home performance and construction trades.
  • Ecochem provides an independent review of analytical data and work with project laboratories supporting natural resource damage assessments (NRDA), remedial investigations (RI), risk assessments (RA), and Geographic Information System (GIS) mapping.
  • Eco-Tec provides industrial water treatment and purification of chemicals and gases in over 60 countries.
  • Energy Savvy offers a hub for energy efficiency programs, rebates and contractors and turnkey software solutions for utilities’ conservation programs.
  • General Biodiesel produces high quality biodiesel fuel from sustainable sources. A key player in diversifying our country’s energy portfolio.
  • HaloSource develops clean technologies globally to disinfect and purify the water we drink, play in, clean with and put back into our water systems.
  • Hydrovolts utilizes hydrokinetic potential of water focusing on artificial waterways. It developed its revolutionary approach to micro hydropower,cost-effective generation.
  • McKinsty a full-service DBOM firm (design, build, operate and maintain), delivers consulting, construction, energy, and facility services. Their goals are to ensure occupant comfort, improve systems efficiency, reduce facility operational costs, and ultimately optimize client profitability for the life of their building.
  • NanoICE provides custom fully integrated, or stand-alone systems to food producers, transporters, storage companies, retail grocers, restaurants, and hotels.
  • OneEnergy Renewables specializes in the development of large-scale clean energy projects. They partner with utilities, corporations and institutions.
  • Planetary Power  produces solar and hybrid energy generation & storage systems. For example, their products replace inefficient diesel generators and cut fuel costs by up to 80%.
  • Unienergy Technologies designs and manufactures advanced batteries or energy storage solutions. Their systems are scalable from microgrids to commercial and industrial applications to multi-megawatt grid installations.
  • Reklaim when at full capacity, will eventually process the equivalent of approximately two million scrap tires annually through pyrolysis technology.
  • Seattle Steam a privately owned utility, provides reliable and sustainable heat to approximately 200 buildings in Seattle’s Central Business District and First Hill neighborhoods.
  • 3Tier utilizes weather science and propriety tools to help manage the risk of weather-driven variability—this data offers relevant and actionable intelligence through their world-class team of atmospheric scientists with expertise in wind, solar, and hydropower generation.
  • Watertechonics provides environmental technology with products and services in critical water applications.
  • World CNG launched their alternative fuel vehicle company by converting more than 230 vehicles in Western Washington using World CNG’s EPA-certified proprietary technology, Clean Conversion Technologies Distributed Energy Management.


Please remember to let me know if you have recommendations to add to this list! Keepin’ it clean and green in Greater Seattle.

Happy Earth day, everyday! — alex

Special thanks to Stephen Gerritson, Vice President, Economic Development Council of Seattle and King County for his assistance in gathering this data.