You have a green product or service and need help starting, building or repositioning your business.  Below, based on a decade of experience, we’ve outlined a sequence of steps that we use to develop a professional marketing services plan tailored to meet your specific business goals. This process can take as little as one to two months or longer, depending on the complexity of your needs.

Introductory Meeting
We’ll schedule an introductory meeting with you and selected staff. At this meeting, you’ll describe your business and marketing goals, and we’ll discuss a general budget range and a schedule.

Draft Marketing Services Plan
We’ll develop a draft marketing services plan based on our initial meeting. Some common components of the plan are an understanding of your needs; company background; product, service and industry research; select marketing strategies and possible marketing tactics.

Final Marketing Services Plan
We’ll meet to review and modify the draft plan. We’ll determine scope, process, budget and timing for implementation.

Contract Agreement
The final plan serves as the basis for a contract between your company and EcoMaven Associates. The contract will include specifics on scope, budget, strategies and tactics, implementation, payment terms, etc.

Once the contract is signed, you’ll be asked to pay EcoMaven a retainer to move forward with implementation and secure the hours required to meet your project’s preferred timeline.

We’ll execute the tactics agreed upon. If needed, we’ll bring in designers, web developers, event hosts, local jurisdictions, industry experts and key stakeholders.

We’ll work hard to meet or exceed your expectations. A variety of results will be regularly collected and reviewed – site visitors, social media engagement, quality and quantity of media outlets pickups, event attendance, etc. At this time, we’ll determine if we need to modify the marketing plan to accommodate any market or organizational changes.

The steps outlined here are the general framework of our approach. Our preferred style is collaborative, although we are also capable of turnkey services depending on your company’s needs and resources. To learn more contact us anytime for a free, initial consultation to discuss your specific product, service, branding or event needs.